Monday, February 20, 2012

Things have been a bit fishy...

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I seem to have had an influx of fish-themed cakes recently. First was my work colleague Gen, who asked me to make a fisherman cake for her husband Ray. Ray and I used to work together when I worked at a car dealership (seems like a lifetime ago now!) and it was Gen who got me my current job at the TV network. Just goes to show it's who you know! ;)

Ray is a keen fisherman, so Gen thought it would be appropriate to incorporate his favourite hobby into his cake. You may remember this one - it's a slightly different version to a cake I did for my friend Kim's dad. The difference is that Kim's dad is a keen river fisherman, while Ray opts for fishing in the ocean. Ta-da!

The other cake is for my friend Gemma's husband Luke. Luke was celebrating his 30th birthday and Gemma requested a snapper cake. Cue me Googling snappers and asking the boys at work to confirm what the heck a snapper looks like. Apparently I got it right! Phew!

This one was loads of fun to make. It involved me going nuts with an icing tip to make indents for the scales, and then painting the entire cake with a mixture of gel colour and vodka. The fondant was actually light grey, and I painted the top with a combination of Americolor gels in red, orange & pink. The bottom was lightly brushed with the gel colours and then brushed with silver, ivory and gold lustre dusts. I then steamed the cake with the steamer Chris bought me (we watched three seasons of Cake Boss and he decided I HAD to have a steamer...haha!) and it came up a treat.

Happy birthday boys!

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