Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I went to a dog's first birthday party.

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Yep, I did.

My housemate's sister's dog, Lucy, is our adopted neice. Our fridge is adorned with photos of Lucy by herself, Lucy doing cute things, Lucy with Nicole (housemate), Lucy with me...yep, our fridge decor is centred around this gorgeous little dog. Here's a pic of us...nawww!

Claire and Josh rescued Lucy from the RSPCA when she was just under a year old. She's such a great dog and I really wish we could have one. Unfortunately we don't have a backyard and we haven't got the house fenced properly yet, so it's not an option. Until I can have a dog of my own, I am just adopting dogs all over the place. There's Lucy, then there's my boyfriend's two dogs Milli and Don, and there's his parents' pugs (all three of them) and a pugalier, and two pug puppies. Yep, I am doing well on the dog front!

Anyway, I digress.

One day I came home and there was an invitation to a 1st birthday party. It was for Lucy. Claire had planned quite the soiree, complete with balloons, fairy bread and streamers. All that was missing was a cake!

I make a chocolate cake for us humans to share, and I carved it into the shape of a couple of bones. I had to girl it up a little with a pink collar and a couple of roses, of course.

Little Lucy had a fabulous day, as did we :)

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