Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am not dead.

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Just in case you were wondering.

Thanks to the many lovely people out there who have emailed me over the past few months to see how I've been. It's amazing how many friends I've made just through this little blog. I love you all :)
I have been incredibly busy over the past few months and unfortunately baking has fallen to the wayside. I suppose I should update you on what has happened in the last 6 months since my last update.

- I finally got my drivers licence at the ripe ol' age of 26. For those that know me, this is a huuuge step and I'm so proud of me :)

- After 10 months in the car industry (laughable really considering my knowledge of cars extends to 'the black one') I somehow managed to make a start on my dream career in the television industry. I was incredibly lucky to beat the other 90-odd people who applied for my job and I am loving my new career. I am finally putting my university degree to good use and it feels fabulous! I won't lie, it's quite exhausting and at times stressful, but I am enjoying the challenge and the cool perks, such as meeting Claire from Masterchef a few weeks ago. She was awesome.
We chatted for ages about food, living in the country, Donna Hay (turns out we both love her styling), and she gave me tips on how to cook duck (I am yet to work up the courage to try my hand at cooking it!) I had to laugh - we were at a hardware store and she said that she needed to buy an industrial blowtorch because her little kitchen one just wasn't cutting it. You go girl!

- I have moved into a brand-spankin' new home! So new, that when I moved in it wasn't quite finished. Hehe. I now have a huge 900mm oven to play with and a ginormous butlers pantry! Hell yeah! Plenty of baking to be done!
So there's an update on me - stay tuned for a post or two on Christmas treats!

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