Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Esha and Salwat!

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 6:33 PM
Esha's parents asked me to make some cupcakes and cutting cakes for her birthday. Cutting cakes, plural. One of Esha's mum's friends Salwat also has a birthday today so they were nice enough to get a cake made for her too.

The cakes and cupcakes were red velvet. This is where my mega-huge bottle of Americolor Super Red came in handy. I knew I bought that for a reason.
The theme for the party was blue and green with butterflies, so I based the designs around that.
The cupcakes were topped with a mixture of vanilla and chocolate buttercream, cream cheese icing and fondant.
They were decorated with gumpaste butterflies, blossoms and pearl cachous.
I made the blossoms using a cutter and veiner, and I formed them using paint palettes. I then dusted them with blue lustre for some shimmer and colour.
Esha's cutting cake was torted with four layers of buttercream and was covered with white fondant.
This was the first time I'd painted on fondant, and I'm fairly happy with how it went. It's a lot like painting with watercolours.
I just mixed some colour gel with vodka to get a pale colour to work with. Yes...the vodka was there for cake decorating purposes only. Sad face.
Salwat's cutting cake was a mini cake (10cm) and was topped with a sugar rose that I dusted with blue lustre.
Happy birthday to Esha and Salwat!

4 comments on "Happy Birthday Esha and Salwat!"

Cupquakes on Sunday, 02 August, 2009 said...

Ammmazing!! Kel I love it all. From the cakes to the cupcakes to your painted fondant to that fabulous rose topper. I bet your customers were very happy with everything. I know I would be! Teen :)

Cyma on Sunday, 02 August, 2009 said...

Thankyou so much, the cupcakes tasted great and looked amazing. The cakes alongwith the candy buffet looked gorgeous and all our guests enjoyed the sweet treats ;)
Will post pictures of the party on my blog soon!

Bandit on Wednesday, 05 August, 2009 said...

Hi! I recently discovered your blog. You're amazing with the decorating! Being relatively new to Melbourne, can you tell me where I can get food coloring like the ones you use for decorating your cakes? I baked my son a train cake a few months ago and the colors were just too pale! Thanks!

kel @ sweet treats on Wednesday, 05 August, 2009 said...

Hi Bandit,

You are yet to discover the holy grail of cake decorating??

Cake Deco, in Port Phillip Arcade (opposite Flinders St Station) is where I buy a lot of my supplies. I use Americolor gel colours that I buy from there.

Cake Deco is Australia's largest cake decorating supplier, so we're very lucky to have them here in Melbourne!

Happy caking!



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