Saturday, August 8, 2009

A weekend of birthdays = a weekend of cakes

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It was my bestie's little sister's 21st and she had asked me to do cakes for her party. I was thrilled to be asked and I couldn't wait to get started on this mammoth order. Amelia ordered 80 cupcakes, 50 mini cupcakes and a cutting cake. Charlotte and I set about organising a surprise for the cutting cake design. The idea was that I could reconstruct Amelia's favourite Guess bag and design the cake around that.
I have Charlotte and Amelia to blame for my obsession with Guess. My pitiful collections of three bags and a wallet is nothing next to these two. Between them I'm fairly certain they have a fully stocked Guess store. Sigh. I should be so lucky.

For Amelia I created a mixture of chocolate, vanilla bean and lemon cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream. Amelia wanted some to be in pastels and some to be in bright colours.
Amelia's cutting cake was vanilla bean and was torted and crumb coated with chocolate buttercream.
I got to make use of my new toys - my stitching wheel, my Wilton letterpress and daisy centre mould. I love trying out new equipment!
The cupcakes were decorated with a mixture of fondant daisies and blossoms, ribbon roses, little high heels and handbags, butterflies and non-pareils. I used a plain round tip, a Wilton 1M and Loyal star tips in varying sizes.
Yesterday it was my dad's birthday so I managed to come up with a cake for him too (don't ask me how I squeezed this in!)
Dad's cake was vanilla bean which was torted and crumb coated with chocolate buttercream. It was coated with chocolate fondant and topped with chocolate dipped strawberries. I took it to lunch today in Ballarat where it was enjoyed by my other half, Dad, my sister and her boyfriend.
So...after 13 solid hours of caking on Friday and making the trek between Melbourne and Ballarat today, I'm well and truly exhausted.
Stay tuned - tomorrow Charlotte and I are going to Chocolate Rush at the Melbourne Showgrounds. We're booked in for a hands-on workshop in the afternoon so I will report back with a run-down of tomorrow's events! Can't wait!

5 comments on "A weekend of birthdays = a weekend of cakes"

Cupquakes on Saturday, 08 August, 2009 said...

Crikey Kel! How on earth did you get all of this done in one day? I love the variety of cupcakes and your Dad's chocolate-dipped strawberries and cake looks delish. Amazing job as always! Teen

bec said...

Kel, they are fantastic!!!! Great work on the guess bag too. I am drooling over your dad's birthday cake. It looks divine.

Charlotte said...

OMG kel! These cakes for Amelia were a hit! Should have seen everyone's face once they realised it was a guess bag!!! And the taste was yummo! mmmm i cant still taste them!

kel @ sweet treats on Sunday, 09 August, 2009 said...

Thanks guys! I tell you what, it was a marathon effort to get it done. Absolutely exhausted afterwards. But it's all worth it - it makes people happy, and I'm all for that :)

kel @ sweet treats on Sunday, 09 August, 2009 said...
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