Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This **** is bananas!

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 8:50 PM
I can never seem to resist buying a ton of bananas whenever they're on special. I just can't. My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach when it comes to this particular fruit. I blame the year where the whole of Australia went on banana rations. Forever scarred by this period of my life, I continue to hoard bananas like there's no tomorrow. Only thing is, I can never eat them all.
It's at times like this when I whip out my trusty banana cake recipe (do a search for it on my blog, it's been repeated many times) and cook up something yummy.

I used the cute little mini cupcake liners I received as part of my birthday present from my work colleagues to make mini banana cupcakes. I thought it was only fitting that I took some cupcakes to work for my colleagues to scoff down.

I iced these with vanilla buttercream and topped them with cute little fondant cutouts.
I also thought I'd show off the gorgeous plate my sister got me for my birthday. I love it!
Happy caking!

2 comments on "This **** is bananas!"

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Looks great. What tip do you use to create that icing effect?

kel @ sweet treats on Sunday, 23 November, 2008 said...

I just use a coupler - you just hold the piping bag at a 90 degree angle and squeeze in the one spot rather than moving the bag/tip :)


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