Monday, September 8, 2008

Thankyou cupcakes

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 9:07 PM
One of the managers at my work is a real sweetheart. Just last week she surprised me with a copy of The Crabapple Cupcake cookbook, "just because". Nawww.
Our project has been performing really well in recent weeks so she decided to surprise her team with some thankyou cupcakes. It wasn't enough that they each got certificates, presents, a company-paid-for three hour lunch...but there had to be cupcakes too. If you're going to do it, you may as well do it right, I say!

I made her some vanilla bean cupcakes and topped them with passionfruit buttercream and orange sugar. I also made some cute little 'thankyou' cupcake flags to stick on the top.

She let out a big squeal when she saw them, so I am taking it as a sign she liked them...haha!

4 comments on "Thankyou cupcakes"

Sunny on Friday, 12 September, 2008 said...

wow so cute! i love those thankyou notes! i may have to sneak the idea!

yyyyuuuuuummmmmmmm passionfruit......

Charlotte said...

another creative idea from the mind of an artist!! Great idea Kel!

Anonymous said...

vanilla bean cupcakes...
passionfruit buttercream...

I love your blog :)
Can you tell me where you found the recipes for these please?
Pretty please??????

I'm craving bad!


kel @ sweet treats on Sunday, 21 September, 2008 said...

Sunny - I love cupcake flags! They are a really simple way to jazz up a cupcake.

Charli - artist schmartist! LOL!

Helen - I haven't included the recipe in this post as I've posted it a few times on the blog. Just type in 'vanilla cupcakes' in the search bar and it will come up :) I also add the seeds of a vanilla bean to that recipe for the vanilla bean cupcakes :)


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