Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 8:43 PM
Today I made the trek to Ballarat to see my dad for Fathers Day. I, of course, had to be armed with something sweet and delicious, so I was up bright and early this morning baking up a storm.

I made Dad a vanilla bean cake filled with chocolate buttercream. It was covered in a patterned chocolate collar and topped with fresh strawberries.
There will be one reader in particular who will laugh when he reads I attempted a chocolate collar again. Every single time I do one, I say "never again!!!" because I always run into trouble. Today was no exception - it cracked at the top and part of the bottom came away. I did have a better run than with previous attempts, so I suppose I will just have to keep trying!

Here are some shots I took on the way home to Melbourne. I love the drive between Ballarat and Melbourne - there's plenty of lush green grass ponies. I squeal every time I see the mini ponies. J braces himself every time. Seriously, who wouldn't love a horse the size of a dog?

Anyway, I have yabbered on far too long about something I don't have a pic here's some pics of the scenery for you.

I loved the light that this storm was magical.

Overseas readers will probably wonder why I took photos of rain. Well, Australia is just getting over many years of drought. I can't help but grin whenever I hear the sound of raindrops falling. I took today's rain as an opportunity for a couple of artistic rain shots!

Happy caking!

3 comments on "Happy Fathers Day Dad!"

Anonymous said...

You're not the only one who squeels at mini-ponies Kel LOL

The cake looks gorgeous by the way, i just wanted to lick my computer... LOL

Charlotte said...

Where did you get the strawberries from? They look delish!

Anonymous said...

Hey kel, i was talking to you earlier to day about you doing my 21st b'day if you could please send your e-mail address i could send some photos of something similar to what i would like my email address is
Thanks sal


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