Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bye Rach!

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 6:50 PM
Em asked me to make a cake for her friend Rach's going away party. Rach is moving to sunny Queensland (jealous!) so Em wanted to provide a fabulous cake for Rach's party tonight.

Rach loves black cats, so Em wanted to incorporate a black cat, along with Rach's favourite colours (green and silver).

I made Rach a chocolate cake that was torted & crumb coated in vanilla buttercream. The cake was covered in green fondant.

Bon voyage Rach!

3 comments on "Bye Rach!"

Bizarre Quilter on Sunday, 07 September, 2008 said...

I love the way the suitcase looks like a wooden trunk!! How clever!
I've got no clues about cakes, but I do admire your creativity.

lisa_loves_cake said...

How did you make the silver writing? I have tried to make silver before and it always turns out grey *blah*.

kel @ sweet treats on Monday, 20 October, 2008 said...

Hey Lisa,

I have some edible silver paint that I paint on to the fondant :)


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