Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 9:06 AM
Last week it was my dad's birthday. Unfortunately as it was during the week I wasn't able to see him on the day, but last weekend we trekked up to Ballarat to see him.

I, of course, simply had to bring a cake.

I decided upon a suitcase cake, as dad is buzzing about his upcoming trip around the world (the lucky thing!)

I created a layer cake using a loaf pan. I cut the cake in half and then torted both halves. I piled all the layers on top of each other, carved the edges off, and voila! Suitcase-esque! I then covered the cake in fondant and added a handle, buckles and leather trim, complete with stitching.

The cake was chocolate and was torted & crumbcoated in hazelnut buttercream.

The trip home was more than a little scary - it decided to snow. Heavily. Now, us Aussies aren't particularly used to snow, so driving on a freeway in the middle of a blizzard was not my idea of fun.

We drove at 30kmph in a 110 zone all the way to Ballan. The trip from Ballarat to Ballan usually takes 20 mins, but it took us over an hour. Poor J had to fill the car with petrol in subzero temperatures. He couldn't even fill the tank - he collapsed into the car shivering like a leaf. Luckily after we left Ballan the snow let up and it began to rain. Thank goodness.

Dad was hilarious - I rang him while I was freaking out in the snow and he did the whole 'last words' thing...'I love you Kellie...' Hahaha. I got a very worried text from a very worried Dad just as I got home. Safely I might add.

Happy birthday Dad!

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Lorraine E on Friday, 22 August, 2008 said...

Kel, that cake is amazing! I love the buckle and tag detailing too :)

Snow is gorgeous - only when you don't have to go outside and you are warm inside though!


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