Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cupcakes, birthday cakes and more, oh my!

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 7:43 PM
Every fortnight I attend a meeting with our client and for months the girls there have been hounding me to bring them some yummy treats. I whipped up these indulgent chocolate cupcakes for us to feast on.

Chocolate Cupcakes

90g butter, melted
1 cup SR flour, sifted
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons good cocoa (I use Dutch process)
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 180 celsius (160 fan forced). Sift the flour and cocoa together. Add all other ingredients and mix until just combined (don't overmix as your cupcakes will be tough and won't rise well). Spoon mixture into cupcake papers and lightly tap to remove air bubbles. Bake for 14-18 minutes or until the cakes spring back when lightly touched.

Chocolate Buttercream

I don't actually measure so I guess posting a recipe is sort of pointless. Oh well, here's the basics!
160g butter, cubed & at room temperature
1 tsp vanilla extract
3-4 tablespoons good cocoa (I use Dutch process)
approximately 600g icing sugar
warm water

Beat the butter and vanilla until smooth. Slowly add the cocoa and icing sugar, pausing to add a little warm water as required. Adjust the icing sugar/water according to your desired consistency.

This post also calls for a big happy birthday to Ange, one of my work colleagues. Ange asked me to do her a birthday cake, so I put together a very vanilla cake (complete with vanilla beans) and torted and crumb coated it with musk buttercream. The cake was covered in fondant. I added champagne glitter for a bit of sparkle.

Ange loves the colour red and cows. I made her a cow print cake and decorated it with pretty red ribbon.

There were lots of happy cake lovers at work today!

8 comments on "Cupcakes, birthday cakes and more, oh my!"

Mel Nation on Saturday, 09 August, 2008 said...

OMG - is that what I missed out on?

My life is over.

kel @ sweet treats on Saturday, 09 August, 2008 said...

Yes, yes you did!

Oh well, we ended up having a QMT pop quiz and handed out the cupcakes as well as Haighs chocolates...drool!

giz on Friday, 15 August, 2008 said...

Love the cupcake liners - The cupcakes alone are gorgeous and the liners just make them extra special.

Lee-Ann on Friday, 15 August, 2008 said...

wow ...stumbled onto your blog while looking for the crabapple cupcake recipe book ...and found you ....what fantastic cakes, think I might have to get to know you better, as my 2 children would just adore your cakes and I adore the cupcakes ...also a "passion" of mine. Dont you love all the new cupcakes cases ..

I will be back to drool more ..

Lee-Ann Geelong

kel @ sweet treats on Friday, 15 August, 2008 said...

Giz - I love these liners! I have them in every colour (blue, pink and green). They are made by Robert Gordon.

Lee-Ann - welcome to my little corner of the net! Thanks so much for the kind comments :) I actually get down to Geelong frequently as my mum lives down in Ocean Grove. I love the place!

Lee-Ann on Friday, 15 August, 2008 said...

i'm back..i could turn into a cupcake stalker :-).
I might just ask you to call over for coffee one day when you are down and give me a cupcake decorating lesson. I am holding a baby shower for my SIL in November and want to make "pretty" ones. thats how I found you.


kel @ sweet treats on Friday, 15 August, 2008 said...

Yay, sounds like fun!

Be sure to check out - these are some booties I did for some baby shower cupcakes earlier this year. They look great, and they're so easy!

Lee-Ann on Friday, 15 August, 2008 said...

i just saw them are amazing, I just showed my 9yr daughter and she said is she your friend ..."yes she is now " ...

I have some questions i would love to pick your brain with are you able to email me please.



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