Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduation Surprise!

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 6:31 PM
My friend Alison asked me to create some cupcakes for her sister Nicole who was graduating from a Diploma of Interior Design (what a cool course!) Of course I obliged.

I made vanilla bean cupcakes, topped them with fondant and packaged them in a cool gift box.

Congratulations and stripes:

Mortar board and rolled up diploma:

Cute little mini diploma and stripes:

Congratulations on your graduation Nicole!

7 comments on "Graduation Surprise!"

Iron Chef Shellie on Thursday, 22 May, 2008 said...

too gorgeous!! Hope she liked them!

giz on Friday, 23 May, 2008 said...

So nice - my daughter is graduating this year - I'll take 25 please :)

kel @ sweet treats on Friday, 23 May, 2008 said...

Hahaha sure thing Giz!

Thanks Shellie!

Ange said...

How did you do the stripes Kel?

Ange said...

How did you do the stripes Kel?

kel @ sweet treats on Saturday, 24 May, 2008 said...

Hey Ange,

I cut strips of fondant and then placed them next to each other. I then rolled them a little so they stuck together and then cut the circles of fondant to put on the cupcakes.

I think next time I'll brush a little water on the sides of the stripes so they stick together better, as they can fall apart easily when you're placing the fondant on the cupcake.

Stace said...

they look fab Kel


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