Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cakes, cupcakes and weddings, oh my!

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 2:57 PM
I've had a very busy weekend in the kitchen!
On Friday I had an order for a 30th cake. The client requested it be a chocolate mud cake, but she allowed me the freedom to get creative (always fun!) She advised me her husband (the birthday boy) was into body building, so I thought I'd tie that into his cake.

I made him a chocolate mud cake and covered it in dark chocolate ganache. Surrounding it was a patterned chocolate collar along with some swirls of buttercream.

Adorning the cake was a body building topper.

Friday was also the day that my friend Stace was coming down from Sydney. She was down for a wedding and needed a cute and unique present to give the bride and groom. It was decided that we would bake some cupcakes, pair them with a bottle of Moet and leave them in their hotel room for after the wedding (when they would be famished, no doubt).

We decided on very vanilla cupcakes topped with raspberry buttercream and sprinkles. Of course the sprinkles had to match the cute cupcake box that Stace had picked out (we're so coordinated). We also made an edible plaque with the bride & groom's names and their wedding date, and this sat in amongst the cupcakes.

We also made sure we made extra cupcakes for us to scoff. Baking is hard work!


I was asked to do some cuppies for a meet I was going to, and of course they had to make reference to the word that brought us all together...mofo. It's a long and intriguing story that I might tell you one day.

Here are my mofo cupcakes for my very favourite mofos.

They were very vanilla cupcakes stuffed with rich and decadent Haighs dark chocolate sauce and topped with white chocolate ganache.

So there you have it! A weekend of cakes, cupcakes and weddings...oh my!

Happy caking everyone!

Kel xo

12 comments on "Cakes, cupcakes and weddings, oh my!"

giz on Sunday, 20 April, 2008 said...

What fun - the body builder cake is adorable. I also really like the stories that bind people together. It's good to have these little "secret memories" that bring smiles to our faces.

Anonymous said...

Naaaaw Kel, those pics of the cuppies look great, i have forwarded them onto my Sister-in-law so she can keep a pic of them. Oh and FYI, they were very very tasty!


Kate said...

Love those Mofo cakes!!
And they tastes oh so good! (and I'm glad that you put the pic of Mezza up and not the feral one of me and my mouth)

insane scribbler on Thursday, 24 April, 2008 said...

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Shona said...

Mmmmmmmm MoFolicious!

Bec lou said...

How cool is that cake? Nice one Kel.

So jealous that I couldn't make the mofo meet.

Mez is a dork!

kel @ sweet treats on Saturday, 26 April, 2008 said...

Careful Bec, she'll come after you with her feral eye! LOL!

Thanks for your kind words guys!

Sharon on Tuesday, 01 July, 2008 said...

Hi Kel, The cupcakes you and Stacey made for my wedding were delicious. It was a great idea. James and I really enjoyed them with the Moet! Yummo.
I've tried the recipe myself and took a batch to work. I've since had requests to bring more to work.
I'm going ot try the ones with the Lemon meringue icing soon.
Thanks & Cheers

kel @ sweet treats on Tuesday, 01 July, 2008 said...

Thanks Sharon! I'm glad you liked them. It was a brilliant idea of Stace's!

Let me know how you go with the lemon meringue ones :)

Gaya on Monday, 24 November, 2008 said...

Hey Kel =) Would very much like to know where did u get the pink cupcake liners from this entry. Totally appreciate it, thank u!

kel @ sweet treats on Tuesday, 25 November, 2008 said...

Hi Gaya,

I'm having trouble remembering as these were done a while back, but I *think* I got them from Earl Craft N Cake, an online cake decorating supplies store. I've used them several times and they are great to deal with!

Gaya on Thursday, 27 November, 2008 said...

Thank you Kel, it's a great site! Am so glad they deliver internationally, although it's going to cost me a BOMB! =P


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