Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthday cupcakes for the boss' mum

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It's not every day that you're enjoying a vodka (or seven) at the pub with your colleagues and your manager asks you to bake cupcakes for her mum's 60th birthday party. Jo is one of my favourite people at work. She is often the butt of our pranks but takes it all in her stride; she dons her 'cranky pants' but she's still lovable even when she's angry; she answers the phone with 'Ola!'; she always gestures to the cushy purple chair next to her desk if she feels you need a chat; she tries her best to be unsympathetic when you turn up to work hungover but you know she really feels sorry for you deep down (like she did on Friday when my efforts from the previous night caught up with me). I love my Josephina Conseula.

Since the very vanilla cupcakes with rosewater marshmallow frosting were such a hit at work the previous day, I made them again for Jo to take to her mum's 60th party.

These were topped with silver cachous of varying sizes and edible glitter. Jo sent me a message saying that the cupcakes were a hit at the party and she's given my card to some friends. Woohoo!

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