Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, little brother

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 10:01 PM
It was my brother's birthday on Monday (how lucky is he, having a public holiday on his birthday!) so I felt obliged to bake my little heart out and make the trek to Ballarat to see him.

It was a lovely day - I got to see my sister, brother and my dad, along with one of my dearest friends and her son (who is, incidentally, our godson).

As my brother is on a health kick, I decided to make him a banana cake...and tried to convince myself it was somewhat healthy. Bad sister, bad sister!

I iced the cake with passionfruit buttercream, pressed shredded coconut into the sides and wrote on the cake with melted milk couverture chocolate. It was delicious, and I am proud to say that my health-conscious brother still managed to hoover down a large slice of this moist, flavoursome cake.

I have introduced this recipe to the blog in the past - see here for recipe.

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