Sunday, January 13, 2008

More deliciousness from the Crabapple Bakery

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My friend Charlotte and I visited the market again yesterday. Of course no visit to the Prahran Market is complete without cupcakes from Crabapple.

Personalised cupcake liners - how cool is that!!

Here's the selection I picked out:

Double chocolate, musk, vanilla mud and chocolate/peppermint were my selections. I reluctantly parted with the vanilla mud (my other half was feeling left out because he had no cupcakes) but he tells me it was very vanilla rich but not quite as nice as the vanilla/raspberry mud he had last week. The raspberries broke up the richness of the cake quite nicely, I'm told.
The musk was disappointing in its lack of musky flavour. Granted, it was a vanilla cake topped with musk buttercream, so I wasn't expecting the flavour to be overpowering; however a richer musk flavour would have complimented the vanilla cake.
The double choc cupcake was rich and delicious in its chocolatey flavour. Topped with white and dark chocolate buds, the cake was light and creamy in texture.
I succumbed to the peppermint choc chip again as it was so delicous last week.
Charlotte and I have vowed to attend one of the Crabapple Bakery classes soon, so I will be sure to write up a review when we go. Can't wait!

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