Sunday, January 13, 2008

Summertime cupcakes

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 1:24 PM
It's the middle of Summer and nothing says Summer to me like lemon, coconut and fresh fruit. It was time for a fruity, summer-ish cupcake.

Papaya's intense peach coloured flesh really appealed to me at the market yesterday, and having never eaten fresh papaya before (I know, the horror!) I decided to cart some home for a yummy summertime treat.

For these treats, I used my gorgeous new cupcake liners that I picked up from The Essential Ingredient for 10c each. They aren't particularly cheap, but they're as close to Chockylit's liners as I can afford.

In a humble ode to Chockylit, I present to you...papaya and coconut cupakes!

Now, I did not rip off her recipe (you can find hers here). Instead, I took her idea for a such a combination and made it my own.

I topped mine with buttercream, but cream cheese frosting would be equally as appealing.

2 comments on "Summertime cupcakes"

Anonymous said...

You can get cupcake papers like that from David Jones. They're in the Donna Hay range and they're called "French Pleat". That might work out more economical / convenient for you :) I think they're about $8 a packet but I can't remember how many are in the packet.

Catherine (found your blog on the Vogue forums).

Kellie on Tuesday, 15 January, 2008 said...

Hi Catherine,

The Donna Hay ones come in a packet of 100 for $7.95, so they work out slightly cheaper than the ones from The Essential Ingredient. However, I've been told that they discolour when baked so I'm a bit hesitant in using them. If you happen to have some and bake with them, please let me know if they discolour for you as well.

Thanks very much for the tip :)


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