Friday, September 16, 2011

A lovely weekend away

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In July Chris and I had a spontaneous weekend away. When we left the only destination we had in mind was Shepparton, as Chris had bought a bullbar for his ute and we had to pick it up.

It just so happened that myself and a couple of girls from work had passed through Shepparton on the way to our office in Albury a few days before. I had to work hard to keep the work car on the road when we all craned our necks back to do a double take at the 'Chocolate Apple Factory' sign. I didn't think the boss would appreciate it if we spent work time investigating what this factory actually sold (chocolate apples?! Huh??) so on I drove, making a mental note to visit the factory when Chris and I were up there a few days later.

The Chocolate Apple Factory sells chocolate apples. Well, not apples made of chocolate, but Pink Lady apples dipped in chocolate. The apples are put on sticks and dipped in a gooey caramel before being dipped in decadent chocolate. They are then decorated or flavoured with other delicious toppings.

They also have a variety of other gourmet goodies and are very quick to offer samples of the chocolate apples and apple juices on offer.

I spent up big, buying a rocky road apple (apple dipped in caramel and chocolate, topped with marshmallows and peanuts), a fancy white chocolate apple for my work colleague Karen (she was one of the original 'discoverers' of the factory so it was only fair I bring her back a sample!), some white chocolate & pistachio rocky road, a bar of white chocolate and raspberry chocolate, some pear liqueur, and a couple of juices (apple and passionfruit, mmmmm!)

Every single item I bought was absolutely delicious. The apples are huge, so it took Chris and I a few sessions to get through a rocky road one. They'd want to be, as they aren't cheap (they range from $7 to $10 per apple) but they were surprisingly amazing. Yum!

Our spontaneous road trip saw us driving from Shepparton to Wangaratta, where we drove in to a motel without a booking (a first for control freak me!) The next day we had breakfast in Beechworth, we then drove to Bright, and stopped in at Glenrowan on the way home before heading home to Meredith. It was an amazing weekend and I'm glad Chris was able to get me to step outside my comfort zone and take each day as it comes :)

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