Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I have the most amazing housemate

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 9:52 PM
My housemate Nicole is amazing. Well, I'm not sure if I should call her my housemate or my landlord, since she owns the house we live in. Our home is incredibly beautiful and I'm so glad she's letting me live here with her.

Nic is such a sweetheart - she is so thoughtful and is forever putting others before herself.

Case in point - the day she:

1. Brought home a copy of MX - for those not in the know, MX is the free paper that commuters read on the train in Melbourne. It is one of the very few things I miss about living in the city. That, and the markets, Ikea, Cake Deco and Max Brenner. Nic brings home MX every single day after her commute home just so I can read Here's Looking At You and Overheard.
2. Bought me macarons from the Lindt cafe. Just the other day I was complaining that I'd been to Lindt but hadn't bought any macarons while I was there (I didn't particularly want to carry them around the city all day). So what does Nic do? Goes there on her lunch break and picks me up a couple of these tasty, tasty morsels.
The strawberry macaron (or delice, as Lindt like to call them) was covered in crunchy strawberry candy pieces and had just the right amount of sweetness. The pistachio macaron was delicious but perhaps a little more salt wouldn't have gone astray.
Two of my favourite things, all in one day. Am I spoilt or what! Who needs a man when you have a Nic :)

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Gavin Reddrop on Tuesday, 04 January, 2011 said...

I would have to agree. Nic is amazing.


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