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Cake - A Review

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About six months ago I was offered money to start my own cupcake shop. After much deliberation I told the person offering the money that it just wasn't the right time for me to be tied down to owning my own business. I have plans to travel and buy a property so it just isn't something I could consider doing right now. Plus, I'm far too in love with my career in television to drop out of it just yet.
Anyway, I digress. Last weekend my housemate Nic was performing down at the Main Road Market (this is a new Ballarat market). She sings in an acoustic duo that does covers at weddings, parties, anything. She is completely brilliant so I braved the wet weather and went for a look.

After browsing through some fantastic antique shops I decided to check out Cake, a cupcake shop that opened on Main Rd, Ballarat just over a year ago. Walking through the front door was like walking into my imagination. Everything about this quaint little shop is exactly how I would have had my shop had it gone ahead.
I decided to sample each of the five flavours available that day - at $1.80 each these were reasonably priced. I assume they make regular sized cupcakes; however the only size available that day were mini cupcakes.

I was greeted at the counter by a bubbly, friendly girl who set about boxing up my treats. By the time I turned around the line was out the door, so I'm glad I went in when I did!
The flavours I sampled included Double Chocolate, Turtle (this was a chocolate/walnut mix), Snickers, Red Velvet and Strawberry Cheesecake.

My favourite of the lot was the Strawberry Cheesecake; it had pieces of real strawberries mixed throughout the cake and also on top of the icing. I asked Nic for her opinion on the icing used on these cupcakes and she thought it was a little sweet; however I, as a huge sweet tooth, thought it was just perfect.

So there you have it - Cake makes great cake!
30 Main Rd, Ballarat, VIC, Australia

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