Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Funky princess cake

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All my orders are done through word of mouth, and now I've been back home in Ballarat for a while the orders are coming in thick and fast. On the weekend I did this cake I had to do 100 cupcakes, a cutting cake and this cake. On top of working a full time job, sometimes the cake game can get a little hectic. Oh, and I somehow managed to sneak in a quick visit to Melbourne to visit a friend of mine who is currently recovering from surgery/undergoing rehab for an amputation. Whew.

Anyway, I digress. The birthday girl was turning five and her mum was struggling to find someone to do a cake for her. My buddy Belle came to the rescue and recommended me. With only a week until the party, we set about designing a cake for the big day.

Tammy chose a princess themed cake complete with flowers, a crown and a wand. I was excited to make the crown; I love trying out processes that I've never tried before. The crown was made by rolling and cutting out fondant with gum tragacanth added (this strengthens the fondant). I then wrapped the crown around a large coffee jar (I had already lined the outside of the jar with non stick baking paper) and secured it with plastic wrap. After it had dried for a day I removed the plastic but kept the coffee jar on its side so that the crown was still holding shape. After a couple more days I transferred the crown to a tray where it stood up drying out for another couple of days until it was ready to be placed on the cake.
By all reports the cake was a hit - I got the following message from Tammy:

"Hi Kellie, just wanted to say thanks again for the cake - everyone loved it! And it tasted awesome. Thanks, much appreciated!"

Happy 5th birthday!

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