Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter cupcakes

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Easter has come around so quickly this year! I wanted to put a lot more thought into my Easter cupcakes but alas, due to a big week I had minimal time to think about them.

I picked up these cute little speckled eggs a few weeks ago and knew that they would be incorporated into my Easter baking in some way.

I decided to make some white chocolate 'nests' by lining a mini cupcake pan with baking paper and piping white chocolate into the holes. These are very fragile, and I had quite a few casualties. If you're going to use this method be prepared to make more than you need because you may lose a few.

Chocolate cupcakes were on the menu this Easter. I mean, it wouldn't be an Easter cupcake if it wasn't chocolate flavoured, right? I iced them with vanilla buttercream and topped them with the white chocolate nests and mini speckled eggs.

Happy Easter to all!

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