Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm possibly the worst blogger in the world!

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 9:24 PM
It's true. I fail miserably at blogging these days.

Truth be told, I rarely spend a lot of time on a computer. A few years ago I would spend countless hours on the computer every night, and thankfully I have broken that habit. Time on my iPhone, however? Let's not talk about that...

If the Blogger app wasn't so woeful you might hear from me more often. Oh well, them's the breaks!

So what have I been doing the last few months since we last spoke? I have an update for you!

Last time I wrote about our plans for building a classroom/studio for my cake decorating and the launch of my business, Treat Bakeshop. I am pleased to announce these plans are currently on hold indefinitely.

"Pleased?" I hear you ask?

Yep. Because I scored myself a full time gig decorating cakes for a cake factory, that's why! I look after their custom orders and wedding cakes, and when I'm not doing those I'm working with pastry chefs, producing cakes for cafes and the like. I'm learning heaps from the chefs and I feel really blessed to have been offered such an amazing opportunity.

I am still updating the Treat Bakeshop Facebook page with photos of cakes I do for my family and friends, so if you haven't already 'liked' the page I suggest you head over to www.facebook.com/treatbakeshop.au immediately! You'll see stuff like this...
...and this!

Hope to see you there soon.

Kel :)

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city on Wednesday, 07 November, 2012 said...

thanks for sharing.


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