Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Michelle and Jason's engagement cake

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Michelle is a friend of my sister's, and I met her and her fiance Jason at my sister's engagement party in February. Coincidentally Jason and I used to work together about 10 years ago, so it was a surprise to see him again!

Michelle's original cake maker pulled out with a couple of weeks' notice so I stepped in to create a sweet to mark the occasion. Michelle is so laid back that she said the words I love to hear - "you have free reign". Oh yes, I love it when I get told that!

While scouring the internet for wedding ideas for my own wedding next March, I came across this colour scheme that I love: yellow, grey & ivory. If I was having a garden wedding I would most certainly consider this theme for my own wedding; however our ceremony and reception venues are historic buildings that don't lend themselves to the modernity of these colours.

So...I used them for Michelle & Jason's engagement cake.

I made the flower using a five-petal cutter meant for roses, and the inner petals were made using a small five-petal dogwood rose cutter. I frilled the edges a little using a foam pad and balling tool, and made the centre by indenting the yellow with the small end of my balling tool.

The flavours were white chocolate mud and dark chocolate mud, and both tiers were filled with vanilla buttercream.

Congrats Michelle & Jason!

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