Friday, December 9, 2011

A sweet surprise

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 6:43 AM
Anyone who knows me knows that Adriano Zumbo (patissier extraordinaire) is my hero. I love his creativity and passion for sweet treats, and I have pledged to visit every one of his patisseries and cafes.

One of my work friends had spent the last few days in Sydney, and before she left I jokingly told her she had to go to Zumbo's and get me a macaron.

Well...she did!

These macarons travelled from Sydney to Ballarat (no mean feat!) and were still incredibly delicious. Flavours included caramelised pumpkin seed, passionfruit & tonka bean, and cola. I think cola was my favourite, if only for the amazing likening to a glass of Pepsi!

Apologies for the low quality pics and their placement - I thought I'd give the Blogger app on my iPhone a go. Never again!

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KayB on Friday, 09 December, 2011 said...

That is one amazing friend you have there! hope you enjoyed every liast mouthfull! :)


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