Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shell and Ash's engagement

Posted by kel @ sweet treats at 5:32 PM
My darling friend Shell and her beau Ash got engaged on Boxing Day and as a gift to the happy couple I made their engagement cake.

Shell and Ash are two of the busiest people I know. Shell somehow manages to work full time, does bellydancing and leadlighting classes and plays netball. How in the hell do you fit that all in??

Shell had the idea to combine her and Ash's interests into the cake - bellydancing and cricket. Hmm now how does one combine two very different sports into one cake?
We decided to make little cake toppers representing the couple and made the top tier into a mini cricket pitch. The bellydancer was on the bottom tier holding a cricket ball and gazing up at her cricketer. Very cute.
The top tier was white chocolate mud and the bottom dark chocolate mud. Both tiers were torted and coated with ganache and had fondant over the top. The toppers were made with fondant combined with gum tragacanth for stability.

Congrats Shell and Ash - may your days together always be happy and bright, just like you are.

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Charlotte said...

mmm white chocolate mud... was sooo good!


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