Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vanilla Bean Poached Pears with Ganache

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There is something about pears that makes me think of them as the perfect comfort food. With their autumnal colour and their subtle sweetness, they are a wonderful addition to many Winter desserts.
For this dish, however, they are the showstopper.

Vanilla Bean Poached Pears with Ganache
Serves 2

2 cups water
1 cup caster sugar
1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped
2 pears (I use Buerre Bosch)
Lemon juice
50g chocolate (I used couverture milk chocolate from Anvers in Latrobe, Tasmania)
100ml thickened cream

Start by making the ganache.. Heat the cream until simmering. Add the chocolate and stir until well combined. Refrigerate for half an hour for a thicker ganache or leave to cool at room temperature for a thinner dessert sauce.
Peel pears and sprinkle them with the lemon juice (this will prevent them going brown). Heat water and sugar over medium heat and stir until dissolved. Add vanilla bean seeds and pears. Turn the pears occasionally throughout cooking time. Cook for 20 minutes or until soft.

Serve warm or cold. Spoon over pear syrup and ganache to serve.

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